LBL-HG341D Uncooled infrared thermal imaging module

1. Excellent image algorithm, clearer image quality

adopts industry-leading uncooled vanadium oxide focal plane detector, resolution is 384×288/640×512, high sensitivity, good image quality. It supports image optimization algorithms such as FPNC and SFFC, and supports function settings such as brightness, sharpness, false color, and gain, so that the image is clearer

2. Complete functions, convenient for secondary development

support BT1120 digital video interface, complete functions, flexible customization, support heat map export, convenient for secondary development

3. Rich interface, easy to use

Support serial communication, CVBS, support configuration saving function, record customer habits

Product Description:

The miniaturized digital calibre LBL-HG341D is an innovative product that combines cutting-edge technology with exquisite craftsmanship. With its ultra-miniaturized body design, it shows an unparalleled exquisite aesthetic while maintaining its powerful performance.

The LBL-HG341D movement has the characteristics of high precision and high stability. Whether you need precise timing or long-term stable operation, it can do it with ease. In addition, its multiple timing modes and data processing capabilities can meet the needs of various complex scenarios, making your equipment more intelligent and efficient.

With its compact and delicate body, stable and reliable performance and powerful functions, the LBL-HG341D has become an indispensable core component in modern smart devices. Choose LIBERAL, make your product better!


  • Ultra-compact design
  • High-precision timing
  • Multiple timing modes
  • High stability
  • Powerful data processing capabilities
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Energy saving and environmental protection


  • It is suitable for industry, agriculture and forestry, medical treatment, transportation, electric power, fire protection, construction, security and other fields

Product Selection

Model introduction

Product model

Lens (focal length, lens F-number) Gain mode Movement mode
LBL-HG341D 09010X: 9.0mm F1.0

13010X:13mm F1.0

25010X: 25mm F1.0

35010X: 35mm F 1.0

H: high quality

S: High image quality/wide range

NR: single imaging

WR: temperature measurement

Note 1: High image quality mode refers to the original high gain mode. In this state, the module response rate is higher and the imaging effect is good, but the temperature measurement range is narrow. The wide range mode refers to the original low gain mode. In this state, the module response rate is low. , the imaging effect is not good, but the temperature measurement range is wide.

Note 2: Lenses above 25mm are only used for imaging and do not have temperature measurement function.

Note 3: Supports lensless selection

Lens selection reference

Lens code

Lens parameters
09010X Focal length: 9mm

F-Number: 1.0


13010X Focal length: 13mm

F-Number: 1.0

FOV: 33°/25°



Focal length: 25mm

F-Number: 1.0

FOV: 17.7°/14°


Focal length: 35mm


FOV: 12.5°/10°



Detector type Vanadium Oxide Uncooled Infrared Focal Plane Detector
Spectral range 8~14μm
Resolution 384×288
Pixel spacing 12μm
Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD) ≤40mK@f/1.0
Focus mode Fixed focus
SITF ≥10mV/K
TEC Support
Gain control Auto/Manual
Noise reduction 2D noise reduction/3D noise reduction
Color palette Supports 18 pseudo colors including white heat, black heat, fusion, rainbow, golden autumn, midday, iron red, amber, jade, sunset, ice and fire, oil painting, pomegranate, jadeite, spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Thermal image flip Support
Temperature measurement range -20°C~+550°C
Temperature measurement error ±2℃
Image algorithm Supports FPNC, SFFC, EE
Interface parameters
Analog output interface CVBS (optional)
Digital output BT1120
USB interface Support (optional)
Serial communication UART
Supply voltage DC 5V
Power consumption <0.7W
Module physical characteristics (excluding lens and flange)
Net weight Minimum 47.1g

Minimum  26mm×26mm×39.2mm

Note 1: The above parameters are measured under laboratory conditions. The actual specifications and test methods are subject to the test report.

Note 2: Applications that require higher temperature measurement accuracy and image uniformity require secondary temperature measurement calibration and pot lid calibration of the module after installation.

Note 3: The imaging module does not include temperature measurement function.

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