LBL 65AF7 V2 Flying Tower


Net weight of flying tower: 22g

Packing weight: 70g

Fly tower input voltage: 2S-6S

Packing size: Φ64*64*35mm

Product Description

LBL 65AF7 V2 Flying Tower is a leader in the field of drone racing and flying. It is equipped with the advanced F7 series flight control chip, combined with the ultra-large current handling capacity of 65A, to ensure that the drone still maintains excellent stability and response speed during high-speed flight. This flight control tower adopts a lightweight design and weighs only 22 grams, but it contains powerful functions. Its input voltage supports 2-6S and is compatible with a variety of drone platforms. Whether it is professional competitions or amateur entertainment, it can easily cope with it. LBL 65AF7 V2 Flying Tower is your right-hand man in drone racing and flying, helping you soar into the sky and enjoy the fun of flying.

Product Features

  • Advanced F7 flight control chip:
  • 65A ultra-large current handling capability:
  • Lightweight and compact design:
  • Wide voltage input support:
  • Wide applicability:


  • Suitable for high demand racing traversal scenarios

Product introduction

Overview LBL 65AF7 V2 flying tower
Standard sizes
Flight control size: 36*36mm
Flight control net weight: 8.5g
Installation hole distance: 30.5*30.5mm
Processor: STM32F722RGT6
Gyroscope: ICM42688 dual gyroscope
B E C: 10V/2.5A
Memory: 16MB
Input voltage: 2-6S
Firmware: LIBERAL F722V2
Uart serial port: 6
Barometer: integrated
Comes with four programmable colorful LEDs
Comes with 6P air terminal
ESC parameters
ESC size: 40mm*43mm
ESC net weight: 12.5g
Fixed hole spacing: 30.5mm*30.5mm
Continuous current: 65A
Maximum current: 75A (sustainable for 10S)
Input voltage: 2-8S
Current ratio: 160
Support ESC telemetry data return
Parameter adjustment software:  BLHeliSuite32Activator_32.9.0.3
Drive signal support:  PWM, Oneshot125, Oneshot42,Multishot,Dshot150,Dshot300,Dshot600

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