LBL 60AF4 V2 flying tower


Net weight of flying tower: 23.5g

Packing weight: 71.5g

Fly tower input voltage: 2S-6S

Packing size: 64*64*35mm

Product Description

LBL 60AF4 V2 Flying Tower is a high-performance flight control tower designed for drone enthusiasts. It uses the advanced F4530V2 flight control chip and 8B60A electronic speed controller (ESC) to ensure that the drone can still maintain excellent stability and responsiveness when flying at high speed. Its lightweight design and powerful functions make it an ideal choice for applications such as aerial photography and racing.

This flight control tower supports high-definition cameras to capture delicate landscape details and meet the needs of professional aerial photography. At the same time, it has strong scalability and supports a variety of expansion modules such as GPS positioning and automatic return, bringing users a safer and more convenient flight experience. Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, LBL 60AF4 V2 Flying Tower can provide stable and reliable flight performance, allowing you to enjoy the fun of flying.

Product Features

  • High-performance hardware configuration: equipped with advanced F4530V2 flight control chip, equipped with 8B60A electronic speed controller (ESC)
  • Excellent stability and response speed:

High-definition aerial photography support:

  • Strong scalability:

Supports a variety of expansion modules, such as GPS positioning, automatic return, etc.

  • Lightweight and durable:

The lightweight design makes it easy to carry and install, and it has good durability and can adapt to various flight environments.


  • Suitable for high demand racing traversal scenarios

Product introduction

Overview LBL 60AF4 V2 flying tower
Standard sizes  
Flight control size: 36*36mm
Flight control net weight: 8.5g
Installation hole distance: 30.5*30.5mm
Processor: STM32F405RGT6
Gyroscope: ICM42688
B E C: 5V/3A; 10V/2.5A
Memory: 16MB
Input voltage: 2-6S
Firmware: LIBERAL F405V2
Uart serial port: 5
Barometer: integrated
Comes with four programmable colorful LEDs  
Comes with 6P air terminal  
RX2 connected to SBUS  
ESC parameters  
ESC size: 42.5mm*45mm
ESC net weight:  15g
Fixed hole spacing: 30.5mm*30.5mm
Continuous current:  60A
Maximum current:  70A (sustainable for 10S)
Input voltage: 2-6S
Current ratio: 160
Parameter adjustment software:  BLHeliSuite32Activator_32.9.0.3
Drive signal support:  PWM, Oneshot125, Oneshot42,Multishot,Dshot150,Dshot300,Dshot600

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