LBL 256×192 Uncooled infrared thermal imaging module

  • Resolution and performance:
    The resolution reaches 256×192, which can provide clear thermal imaging effects.
    Equipped with high-performance vanadium oxide uncooled infrared detector to ensure high sensitivity and accuracy.
  • Product design is compact and easy to integrate
  • Low power consumption
  • Supports automatic, manual correction and background correction to ensure imaging accuracy and stability.
  • Low cost, high cost performance,

Product Description

LBL 256 is a long-wave infrared (8-14μm, LWIR) uncooled infrared thermal imaging module, which can convert the thermal radiation of the object itself into image and temperature data. The product is small, light in weight, and low in power consumption, and is suitable for security monitoring,thermal measurement devices, smart home appliances and other fields.

Product Features

  • Focus on consumer thermal imaging market.
  • 256× 192@12μm WLP high performance vanadium oxide uncooled infrared detector.
  • 25Hz high frame rate.
  • Excellent lens optical design with high-resolution detector, adjustable focus position.
  • Support comprehensive array temperature data output.
  • Independent research and development of infrared ISP dedicated chips, low power consumption, good performance, and low difficulty for users to develop.


  • Smart life: smart home appliances, smart sensing
  • Handheld terminals: mobile phone plug-in, temperature measurement tools, night vision equipment
  • Security inspection: industrial monitoring, perimeter scanning, inspection robot, photoelectric pod, power detection
  • Fire rescue: fire early warning, fire helmets Medical health: medical heat map, biological temperature measurement

Product Selection

Model introduction

256 06812X H WR
Resolution Lens Focal Length Gain Temperature




04010X: 4.0 mm F1.0

09010X: 9.0 mm F1.0


H: High-quality

S: High-quality/ Wide range (configurable)


WR: Industrial



HR: High response

NOTE 1. High-quality mode refers to the high-gain mode, where the module response rate is high, and the imaging quality is good, but the temperature measurement range is narrow; Wide-range mode refers to the original low gain mode, where the module response rate is low, and the imaging quality is decreased, but the temperature measurement range is wide.

NOTE 2. The default factory is the fixed focus version (fixed headless set screw), if you loosen the headless set screw, it will switch to the manual focus version.

Recommended Models

NO. Lens Characteristic
1 LBL  256 09010X S WR FA Manual Focus
2 LBL 256 04010X S WR FA Manual Focus

Note: If you need the selection combinations in the non-recommended list, you can contact our company for customization.

Lens selection reference

Table 2-3 LBL 256 Lens Parameters



Lens parameters Focus Detection













04010X 4.0mm 1.0 45°×






430 m 108 m 54 m
09110X 9.0mm 1.0 20°×








900 m


225 m


112 m


0.25 m~25


NOTE 1. The above detection distance, recognition distance and identification distance are estimated according to Johnson’s Criteria, taking pedestrians (1.8×0.5×0.3 m) as the target. The temperature measuring distance is estimated by a non-point source blackbody with a diameter of 0.15 m.

NOTE 2. The temperature correction here refers to the distance correction tables, which can be provided by Infisense. Customers can correct the accuracy of temperature measurement targets at a longer distance by other distance correction methods.



Overview LBL 256
Detector type Vanadium Oxide Uncooled Infrared Focal Plane Detector
Spectral range 8~14μm
Resolution 256×192
Pixel spacing 12μm
Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD) <50mK @25℃,F#1.0,25Hz
Thermal time constant <10ms
Detector frame rate ≤25 Hz
Non-uniform correction Automatic shutter correction
Image output 10bit/14bit (switchable)
Focusing method Fixed focus/manual focus
Supply voltage 1.8 V, 3.3 V
Video Output Format VoSPI/DVP
Command and Control Interface I2C
Normal temperature power Normal mode: 270 mW (typ.)

Peak (shutter power consumption): 1200 mW (typ.)

Module physical characteristics (excluding lens and flange)
Size(w×l×h) 21 mm×21 mm×21 mm (please refer to dimension drawings)
Temperature Measurement
Measurement Range -15℃~150℃ (high quality) 50℃~550℃ (wide range
Measurement Accuracy ±2℃ or ±2%, support body temperature detection
Operating Temperature


Imaging: -40℃~80℃

Industrial temperature measurement: -10℃~75℃

Storage temperature -40℃⁓85℃
Shock 25g, 11msec, half sine wave, 3 axes

NOTE 1. The above parameters are measured under laboratory conditions, the actual specifications and test methods are subject to the test report.

NOTE 2. For applications requiring high temperature measurement accuracy and image uniformity, the module needs a secondary temperature correction and lid-pattern noise correction after installation. Please refer to the Inifisense Module Quick Start Manual for details.

NOTE 3. The default input voltage is 3.3V, and the voltage can be switched to 1.8V through the control command vcmd_switch_dvp_vol

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