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AI PTZ Camera Quick Start


Inside the box, please find

1) PTZ Camera

2)Power supply and power cord

3)Remote control

WARNING: Don’t move or rotate the camera by seizing the camera head.


You also need

1)Two AAA alkaline batteries for the remote control

2)Video monitor with HDMI input, or SDI input

3) RJ45 LAN cable.

4) PC or Laptop.



Connect HDMI output as the diagram to video monitor. If you are professional and have an SDI monitor, you can also try connecting the SDI output to the video monitor instead.


Power on

Connect the power supply, no power switch. Instantly, you will see the camera starts to rotate to its default parking position of the front middle.

A LED in front will be in RED flash and turn to stead GREEN in a couple of seconds.

You  will  see  crystal  and  beautiful  video  pictures  on  the monitor.

Note: If no video picture, please 

1) Check power supply. Make sure the front LED turn on. 

2) Check cable connection and make sure the input video source of the monitor is set correctly. 

Control the Camera by Remoter


Put two AAA batteries inside the remote control. Point to the front of the PTZ camera. Use the four arrow buttons to control the pan and tilt. Press HOME always park the camera in the front middle anytime.

Press  ZOOM  +/ – to change far/near.

Press MENU  to set up the camera. 


Control Camera by Network

Connect the LAN port of the camera to the router or switch.


Change the PC IP setting

Note: The pictures below are used for reference only, please set them according to the actual network condition. IPv4 Address is used as an example, the last segment could be different.

1) Press Win + R, then type cmd and Enter.

2) Type IP config in the window and Enter.

3) Type ncpa. cpl in the same window and enter.

4) Right-click Local Network connection and select Properties, then double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

5) Type in the IP address, subnet mask, and Default gateway found in step 2.

6) Use default gateway as the Preferred DNS server address and as the Alternate DNS server.

7) Click Advanced. Add a new IP address, whose first three segments are the same as the camera factory default IP address ( Type for example. The subnet mask remains the default.

8) Save settings.

Web login and control

Now, you can access the camera, open the web browser, type IP address, then Enter to go to the camera login page.


User name: admin  Password: admin

At this time, you can see the preview of the camera video. Do the pan, tilt, and zoom control via LAN. .

Change the IP of the camera

For future convenient, change the IP of camera to the same IP segment of your LAN, for example The Gateway also needs to be changed as follow: Then, click Submit. Restart the Camera. 

Note: Above IP address cannot be the same as any other computers or devices in the LAN. Ifforgetthe IP one day, and note that it will show on the left- top corner of the video in seconds when power is on each time