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4K Video Encoder/Decoder

Medical Video Recorder

PTZ Camera

AI PTZ Camera

PTZ Controller

Streaming Encoder

Surgical Video Camera

Is it possible to playback / edit the video file on a computer?

Yes. Press the “STORAGE” button and then use the left or right arrow button to change the devices you need.

(USB 1, USB 2, NAS, HDD)

Or you can touch the top right corner as seen below to make sure that the files are not lost.

If your operation is successful, it will beep one time and the system prompts “ USB# storage can be safely removed”.

Now you can unplug the storage device and plug it into your computer.

File Structure

1) Every patient will have a unique folder named by “Case#”.

2) Video files and photos will be ordered by time sequence, and they are named by “YYMMDD_HHMMSS” to video files.

3) The photos will be named by “YYMMDD_HHMMSS”. A “.txt” file named “patient_info” will record all the detail information of the patient.

Notice: Please do not change the structure of the file or the equipment may fail to recognize the patient.