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Is device video collage supported?

Of course, log in to the web interface, click the “Video Collage” option on the left column of the web control UI, users can choose up to 6 different standard video collages that includes “HDMI FIRST”, “SDI FIRST”, “HDMI (BIG) SDI (SMALL)”, “SDI (BIG) HDMI (SMALL)”, “HDMI (LEFT) SDI (RIGHT)” and “SDI (LEFT) HDMI (RIGHT)”. Furthermore, user can also customize video collage that is “CUSTOM1” and “CUSTOM2”. Once the setting is completed, users can preview the display on the LCD screen immediately.


In the case of “CUSTOM1” or “CUSTOM2”, user can customize the size and location of “SDI” and “HDMI” and upload your favorite pictures as background. Users can turn HDMI or SDI on/off via the buttons on the right of “HDMI” and “SDI”. After clicking “Size” button on the right of “HDMI” or “SDI”, the “Set Collage Size” window show as follows, then, the user can change the size of HDMI or SDI. Furthermore, the user can drag-and-drop HDMI and SDI anywhere on the left preview area. Moreover, when HDMI and SDI overlap, the user can select the arrow on the left of the “HDMI” to place the HDMI on the top of bottom layer, the arrow on the left of “SDI” is similar.

The setup method on the mobile-phone backend setting is the same.

Now you can change it on the screen.