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Instructions for NDI over WIFI

With software version or later, ZowieBox will support NDI over WIFI.

It allows users to use NDI without the restriction of LAN cables.

To turn on the NDI over WiFi function, just follow the three simple steps below:

1.Check your software version, this feature can only be turned on in version or later.

2.Click Setting->NDI, select the required NDI quality, enablethe NDI and restart the ZowieBox.

When using NDI over WIFI, it is not recommended to set the quality to NDI HX3. The streaming of NDI HX3 can reach a maximum of 80mbps, which may cause serious screen distortion, stuttering, delay and other errors.

3.Click Setting->Network->WiFi. Turn on the WiFi button and click Scan to select the desired WiFi to connect to.

After the WIFI connection is successful, the NDI over WiFi function is successfully set up.

Users can use NDI and get rid of the limitations of LAN cables.

In order to ensure the stability of NDI transmission, please try to be as close to WiFi as possible to ensure a strong WiFi signal.


1.It is normal that the delay of NDI over WiFi is larger than that of NDI over LAN.

2.When LAN and WIFI are connected at the same time, LAN will be used first.

3.If you need reliable, low-latency, and stable NDI transmission, it is recommended to use LAN.

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