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How to stream to Twitch?

Click the link below to get the server URL.

Please choose the server URL closest to the location for a more stable streaming experience.

Copy the server URL part in the red box.

Log in to Twitch’s official website, click on the avatar on the right and then click on Creator Dashboard.

Click the Stream button in the Settings to copy the Primary Stream key.

Log in to the web console of ZowieBox, and click Setting->Streaming->Internet to reach the streaming setting interface.

Click the +Add button to add a new network stream. Enter a custom name to facilitate management and enter Twitch’s sever URL and stream key into the ZowieBox’ s Stream URL and Stream Key in sequence, as shown in the figure below.

After entering the information, click Save and turn on the streaming button on the left.

If it prompts that the protocol does not match, please ensure that there is no space at the beginning of the Stream URL.

You can also get more details by watching the video below.

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