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Does the LiveV400 support OSD?

Of course. By clicking the “OSD” option on the left column of the web control UI, users can see the OSD option control page. There are provides up to 4 customize OSD that can be either text or a picture, and the user can drag and drop OSD Components anywhere on the left grid area.

: Click to hide/ show OSD compentents.

: Click to change OSD image size, the range of image length and width is 32Pixel ~ 480Pixel. If the image size does not conform to the requirements, the image will be automatically hidden.

: Click to change a new OSD image or re-edit text.

: Delete OSD components.

⊕Text After clicking “⊕Text” button, the “Text” window will pop up on the page for the user to edit the text OSD that Includes “Title”, “Content”, “Font size”, “Color” and “Background color”. The background will be transparent when switching the “Transparent switch” button on. At last, click “Set” button to apply it.

⊕Image After clicking “⊕Image”, a new sub window will pop up on the page for the user to set Image OSD. Only for JPG/JPEG/PNG pictures and size must be greater than 32×32 and less than 480×480 pixels. After pressing the “set” button, if the picture fits, user can preview the picture in the grid area on the left.

The mobile-phone backend setting.

In the “OSD” optional control page, there are provides up to 4 customize OSD components that can be either text or a picture, once OSD components is added, it will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. However, if you want to change the location of the OSD components, it is recommended to operate on your computer in order to get best user experience.

NOTE: The OSD function is limited on mobile phone. It’s better to use it on PC. The picture added in the web interface can’t be displayed on the phone.